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I'd say I'm a writer but that really isn't true. This is my life.

Anonymous asked: We should all have a date night! Or go swimming, have a cutesy picnic, slumber party. The choices are endless! Oh yeah, how far away do you think our schools are?

I am so down with all four of those options haha. Date night sounds like an awesome idea and I can ask if everyone can come over and swim sometime later this week. Move ins are a week from today so we’ve got to act quickly! 

I googled it and we should be about twenty-five minutes from each other once we both get moved in. Speaking of which, when do your classes start? 

Anonymous asked: Hello my beautiful friend!!! Everyone says your phones broken and this is the only way I could think to chat soooo we should get together before everyone goes far away and we all forget about each other. P.S this is holly;)

Hiya dear! It’s awesome to hear from you and I hope your summer is kicking butt. My phone died around the 10th, but I’ll have a new one on August 1st!

I totally agree the we should all get together. What do you want to do?  

  • Tumblr: Can you tell us what happened at Dashcon?
  • Admin: No but I can give you one whole extra hour in the ball pit.


Whelp, I was tagged. And my musical taste is super duper varied so here we go…

  1.  Bad Reputation- Film Dialogue
  2.  All I Ask of You (Reprise)- Andrew Llyod Webber for Phantom of the Opera
  3.  Whatcha Say- Jason Derulo
  4.  Bullets- tunng
  5. Take It Or Leave It- JET
  6. Underneath- Adam Lambert
  7. You’ve Got the Dirtee Love (Live at the Brit Awards 2010)- Florence + The Machine
  8. Change- Churchill
  9. Just One Yesterday (feat. Foxes)- Fall Out Boy
  10. Cuando, Cuando Es?- J King and Maximan
  11. Rasputin- Boney M. 
  12. The Final Battle- Les Miserables Cast for Les Miserables
  13. Wounded Healer (Deer Tick Sample)- Watsky
  14. Perfect World- Takanori Ohyama for Katekyo Hitman Reborn
  15. Whole Lotta Rosie- AC/DC
  16. Tighten Up- The Black Keys
  17. Vampires in Blue Dresses- Margot & The Nuclear So and So’s
  18. Giorgio by Moroder- Daft Punk
  19. Head Like a Hole- Nine Inch Nails
  20. Y.A.L.A.- M.I.A.

Well, this is a train wreck. Sorry. I don’t know where half of these songs come from. Shout out to that one anime soundtrack that made it on this list from middle school.


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I’m done

Short Post Because I’m Lazy

So my tumblr has been fairly inactive since New Year’s. Sorry about that. I honestly haven’t written a ton of poetry or prose since then because my classes this semester are pretty much kicking my ass. But I will make an effort to put some more writing up in the future. Cheers, and I hope your spring is going well.

finding-teemo asked: Congrats, man! That time of the school year can be tough, aye. But like everything will come together :D I don't think I've ever listened to that. ahaha. I bet it must be pree good considering you listen to it. Dude, I start my Bachelor of Animation this year. I really didn't like the Multimedia degree I was doing and transferred. I hope everything goes well for you, yeh. :D

Best of luck to you! Animation sounds really fun. (I wish I had any skill with art, but I suck.)

And thank you! A friend of mine got me started on The Breakfast Show over the summer and I’m hooked.

So has anything exciting happened lately? 

finding-teemo asked: I'm all right! what about you? what have you been up to?

I’m alright. Stressed. Getting ready to graduate in may is kicking me in the arse. I’m swamped in scholarships and interviews and essays questions. But school is going well and I’m spending a crap ton of my afternoons listening to Nick Grimshaw. Friend of mine got me stuck on the breakfast show…

Hullo everyone! Sorry I haven’t been as prolific as usual. I’ve been in a bit of a writing slump and I don’t really know how to get out of it. If anyone has any suggestions or possible prompts I’d be happy to take a look at them. 

Thanks bunches


The room is much too small for the two of us- an overly glorified wooden box lined with velvet and the will of God. Even so close together, I can barely make out the wings of your shoulder blades through the candle light. The urge to explore your open arms is an unforgivable sin and I cannot deny a saint the decadent taste of immorality.

You catch my wrist, and the shock of impact leaves me with bruises that bloom somewhere deep inside my soul, a rapture of blue and red that you neatly conceal under black wool and tall white collars. The click of your rosary reminds me of the way our teeth clash together when you’re angry.

I want to cleanse myself in the cold river of your eyes, but I settle for letting you kiss me. Each touch is a blessing, feather light against the windowpanes of my eyelids. My lipstick leaves a trail of red wine halos on your collar bone.

Through gritted teeth, you tell me we’re exploring what it means to be a sinner, even though I don’t believe you. This is confessional, a sacrilegious phenomena only experienced by those who have been cast out. I’ve never heard a story of your falling, but I can’t imagine you staying in utopia with a smile that human. You’re as tempting as the devil, and you laugh with every little death that shudders its way down my spine. The air is saturated with prayer, a hymnal chorus of I love you and God and please. Communion takes such strange forms in the realm of men, and I am no exception to the will of those above me.

This is my confirmation. I’ve dropped to my knees, devoted, and we’re so close to hell that I can feel bitterness rising in the back of my throat. It’s a flood. There is no paradise now, no shelter from the waking storm you like to call love. There’s nothing short of wrath in the way you kiss me and nothing short of lust in the way you hold me down. God himself may envy the bondage you have me in, your slave, but I’m far too haunted by your demons to see anything beyond the pride in your voice and the slow, dull taunt of greed that whistles past my vocal cords into the open air.

Aftermath is a mess of feathers, a bent halo, and a slew of bruises left by teeth that have never known mercy. I’m still murmuring broken promises against your heart, desperate for a respite against the heat of your skin and the fire burning in our souls. Everything that has ever meant something to me is reduced to kindling in the afterglow of sacrament. I glance, smile, and get one last ecstatic taste of you before my entire world goes black and I’m engulfed in flames. In the beginning, there was only passion. Now, all I can feel is love and betrayal so deep that is echoes in the deepest parts of my soul.

 As close to hell as we both are, you still taste incredibly like heaven.           


Oh my goodness thanks so much! You totally made my night!

Okay, okay. Umm… Dear God, I actually have to think of things to say. 

1. I can sing really well. Like, my range used to be super limited, but I’ve really opened it up over the past few years. TBH, I used to be really scared to let other people listen to me and you could only ever hear me when I was in the shower.   

2. I am really good at putting on winged eyeliner. My dentist thought I was an artist one time because of how even the lines were.

3. I read an almost incredible amount, which has resulted in me owning over 300 books. I keep them on this huge shelf in my bedroom. 

4. I’m actually pretty freaking hilarious and and really, really witty if you give me a decent conversation to go off of. Banter is probably one of the things that I’m best at.

5. I make the best guacamole you have ever had. Ever. 

I crave you
in the way a thirsty man
craves water
and a drowning man
craves land.
I have swam in your eyes
and I have lost myself
in your smiles
and moans
and beauty.
Never once
have I ever wanted to be
so deeply in someone
that I could feel
taste their heartbeat.
Never once
have I ever wanted
to keep someone
entirely to myself.
Never once
have I ever wanted
to destroy something so beautiful.


Ask me about romance,

and I will tell you that

musicians make the best lovers.

There is nothing as passionate

as the pluck of strings

or the curve of pale fingers

over ivory and black

There is nothing

that doesn’t scream of devotion.

We are taught to pour

our breath into our sound

and our hearts into 

an emotion you can hear

so that even the blindest of fools

can feel something.

We are taught how to love,

how to hate,

and how to want 

with such a force

that even the coldest of hearts

can sympathize.

There is no pain sweeter

than that which comes

when holding out a final note



and heartfelt

for the whole world to hear.

So do not tell me

that music

is not a form of love

and that an instrument

is not a lover

Because there isn’t a sound

that doesn’t say

"I love you"